If you’ve found yourself in legal trouble that calls for the assistance of a lawyer, there’s no need to fret. Lawyers are professionals hired to help you in every way possible to achieve the best outcome of the situation for you. For your first meeting, you want to make sure your side is represented in the best way possible during the consultation. Below are five tips for meeting with a lawyer for the first time:
1.       Be honest. Explain what actually happened, leave no major details untold. Do not be afraid to admitting your fault or role in the situation. They are hired to represent you, after all, and need to be in the know. Failing to admit the truth, as well as the entire story, could result in costing you more money over time.
2.       Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Think ahead of time what you would like to ask the lawyer about their services and/or your case. Some helpful questions include:
a.       What do you charge hourly for your services?
b.      Is a fee deposit required?
c.       Have you handled similar cases? What is your experience with this type of particular case?
d.      How much will this cost?
e.      How long will this process take to resolve?
f.        Are there steps I can take to resolve this by myself?
g.       In what ways will we stay in touch? How often will we communicate?
h.      How can I keep the cost of legal fees down?
i.         Will others in your office be working on my case?
3.       Stick to what’s important and don’t waste time. While sharing details about what happened is of the upmost importance, don’t stray from the task at hand. Utilize your time in the meeting wisely.
4.       Communicate about legal fees. It’s your money and you have the right to know how much of it will be required for services and how often you will be billed.
5.       Come prepared. If you have access to files, reports, etc., bring them with you. The more evidence you have, the better. This will help the lawyer determine a possible outcome from your case.