motorbike accident

If you’ve recently been in a motorcycle accident, rest assured there are steps you can take to help protect yourself and any claims you may try to pursue. Here are five more ways to maximize your recovery.

  1. Hold off on making a statement. An insurance adjuster will call shortly after the accident in search of a statement, wanting to know the details, how severe your injuries are, if you have received medical treatment, etc. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is a simple routine inquiry or part of the process. Providing the adjuster with a statement can do more harm than good with your case. In some states, there is a one-party consent in effect where the adjuster doesn’t have to mention if the call is being recorded and/or if he or she is taking notes of what you say while you’re talking to them. There is a chance the adjuster will manipulate your statement at a later time in order to help the other party. Don’t provide them with what they’re searching for – simply tell them your lawyer will be in touch when you’re ready to communicate. Once you have an attorney, the adjuster has to go through them in order to talk to you.
  2. Don’t be quick to provide your autograph. Don’t sign anything unless your lawyer has prepared or reviewed it. Many insurance companies will try to go around HIPAA laws using a blanket authorization form in order to access your treatment records and medical history. Only sign the forms given to you by your attorney.
  3. Always remain honest. You certainly don’t want to volunteer any extra info to the adjuster, but with your lawyer present, answer everything honestly. If you realize later on that you were mistaken or misspoke, admit the error and correct it so you don’t appear to be lying. In addition to the adjuster, be honest with your lawyer and your doctor.
  4. Place your trust in your lawyer. Don’t withhold information at any time – no matter if it’s embarrassing or harmful to the claim. And last minute surprises only work in the movies! Most things that are kept hidden eventually find a way into exposure.
  5. Cut the dramatics. A lot of adjusters try to portray accident victims who are looking for compensation as liars, cheaters, and con artists. Do not say or do anything that will feed that stereotype. Leave the drama off of social media and follow your doctors’ orders.