motorbike accident

If you’ve recently been in a motorcycle accident, rest assured there are steps you can take to help protect yourself and any claims you may try to pursue. Here are five ways to maximize your recovery.

  1. Seek medical treatment. This is a top priority, of course, as your health should be your main concern. Don’t worry about your “tough guy” biker image; everyone needs help, especially after an accident. Get examined by a doctor as soon as possible so your injuries can be properly treated. Be careful during the healing process, as insurance companies will check in to see if you have made your injury worse or to determine if your injury was as bad as you claimed it was. Compensation for pain and suffering is based upon your medical bills, so make sure you receive all recommended treatment needed to heal.
  2. Hire a lawyer. You’ll want someone with plenty of experience in motorcycle accident cases. This gives you time to focus on recovering while your lawyer handles your claim.
  3. Try a little patience. The insurance company will make a settlement offer after the accident, but it may not come until a few days afterward. Don’t expect this offer to be close to your claim. Don’t accept anything until you know how much your medical bills are going to cost. Consult with your attorney; they can talk to your doctor to set up a hold on payments until the claim is settled.
  4. Keep all the documents and records. Store any and all paperwork related to your accident in a safe place, such as a folder, box, or filing cabinet. This includes medical bills and doctor’s instructions. Make a copy of the doctor’s note that you gave to your employer, also acquire documentation of your pay and the money lost while you were out from work recovering. If paid time off is used, keep track of how many days were utilized. Police reports, insurance policies, and photographs should also be saved. It’s always best to be prepared no matter what.
  5. Don’t put your faith in the insurance adjuster. They are assigned to handle your claim and it’s their job to make the claim disappear with as little cost to the insurance company as possible. While they may seem professional and friendly, remember it is their job to minimize injury claims.