If you are placing your baby for adoption, you may be worried about the future parents of the child and if they will give the baby the proper TLC they will need as they grow in this world. This is normal, as adoption agencies receive so many questions from birth mothers.

One of the best decisions you can make is choosing an excellent adoption agency that has experience and is ethically and properly equipped to help support you during this emotional process. Once you have the right agency for you and your needs, keep these questions in mind while looking over family profiles.

  1. “Do I have values I refuse to compromise on?” Make a list of things that are absolutely non-negotiable. This may take some time to complete, which is fine, as you may need to spend time on yourself to help determine what your values truly are. If faith takes up a large portion of your life, you may want a family who also has a strong faith. You may be hoping for an open adoption; if a family isn’t okay with this, you know this won’t work. Remember that you are in charge of this process, so determine your values and stick with them. Be true to yourself as much as possible.
  2. “What type of person do I want my child to be?” Nature and nurture help shape us as we grow in this world, as well as decisions and circumstances that are out of our control. You can, however, control who will be the parents of your baby and therefore who will help shape the child. What type of character traits are you hoping the child will have? Do you want them to have parents who are humble and kind? What about parents who are ambitious, driven, and confident? What type of lifestyle do you want the parents to have?
  3. “Am I comfortable with the choices I have looked at so far?” If anything feels wrong, don’t feel forced into making a choice. Go with your gut instinct. Talk to the prospective parents – Do you feel welcome and safe when communicating with them, or do you feel nervous and vulnerable? If you feel welcome and safe, there is a good possibility they will make your child feel the same way.
  4. “What style of parenting am I hoping my child will have?” Determine what you would like to see emphases placed upon, such as encouragement or discipline.

All of these should help you find the right parents for your baby. If you are feeling lost and need guidance, contact your agency for help. Should you need any legal advice or uncertain of any steps in the process, give us a call. We’re here to help in every way we can.