new lawyer

It happens – there are instances where you realize you’ve hired the wrong lawyer for your case. Whether you realize this at the beginning or the middle, it’s never too late to switch to someone who better suits your needs. Here are five warning signs that tell it’s time to find a new attorney.

1. Their office is unorganized and messy. This may not seem too serious, but if there are stacks of papers everywhere (especially if they contain confidential info on other clients’ cases), you may want to look into another attorney. If they cannot keep their workspace looking nice and professional, then they may not be that great at handling your case in a nice, professional manner.

2. They don’t remember you and/or your case. It’s possible for lawyers to become overworked to the point that they cannot remember certain clients and what their cases involve. While you shouldn’t expect them to remember every detail, they should know the basics, especially your name.

3. They don’t explain legal terms. If your lawyer keeps speaking in terms you don’t understand and they don’t explain what they’re saying, it’s time to move on.

4. They change their fees. Lawyers who are unethical in practice will change their fees or payment options unexpectedly, leaving you unsure as to what you owe and how long you have to make those payments.

5. They never communicate. While they stay busy, they’re never too busy to the point where they cannot return emails and/or phone calls.