Judge gavel, scales of justice and law books in court

                Mistakes happen every day; after all, we’re all human. From choosing the wrong shoes to wear to work, to spending too much online while online shopping, or even selecting the wrong neighborhood to live in with your family. Life is a journey of lessons meant for us all to endure and hopefully rise above. While there are simple mistakes and detrimental ones, don’t let this be the case at all when hiring a lawyer. Here are six ways to tell you’ve hired the wrong “professional” to get the job done.
1.       There’s a lack of communication. Trying to get a response has become similar to a wild goose chase. They either respond days or weeks later, or not at all. You hired them; therefore, they should be on stand-by (within reason) ready to address any questions you may have or issues that arise.
2.       They clash in personality with you. Many may love lawyers who are blunt and to the point, who don’t hold back and certainly aren’t afraid to “sugar coat” what’s to be expected in the outcome of your case. If you’re more on the sensitive side, however, you may find yourself at odds with someone who is a bit more outspoken than you are. If you’re quiet and reserved, you may not want to hire someone who is outgoing and energetic. Court cases and legal matters are stressful, no matter how serious they may or may not be. Therefore, you will ultimately want someone who is professional and can calm any fears and/or worries you may have.
3.       Their inability to make a decision. When meeting with your lawyer for the first time, they should have a solid plan in mind as to what steps need to be taken to benefit you. If they seem scattered in their thought process or unsure about how to get started, move on to the next candidate.
4.       They fail to be on time on a regular basis. Depending on their case load and the amount of clients they serve, it’s possible for some lawyers to be late to meetings and/or court hearings. If you’re at your hearing and the lawyer isn’t present, check with the court clerk after 30 minutes of waiting to see if they’ve called in. If not, try calling your lawyer about their expected arrival time. If you know for a fact your lawyer only has one or two cases a week and they are still showing up late frequently, it may be time to hire someone else. Their time is valuable, yes, but so is yours as a paying client.
5.       Zero results are received. If you’ve noticed no plans of action have been set into motion, no court dates have been scheduled, no back and forth with the other party involved, and no new information coming in, it’s time to hire someone else. Time is money, and you deserve to get what you’ve been paying for.
6.       There’s an absence of compassion. This is to be expected if the person you’ve hired exhibits all of the previously listed traits. The best professionals in the business care about their clients – after all, they’ve been hired to FIGHT for you and your rights.

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