Until a little thing known as quarantine, summer was a time for lazing around the pool or the beach, hanging with friends around a grill packed with aromatic food, and concerts or movies under the stars.

The flip side is that kids packing the car with friends, tunes maxed out, and not paying attention to the road causes accidents. Kids horsing around in the pool or on the beach is a setting for accidents, too. Additionally, what’s a beach or pool visit without a cooler full of brew?

Lawyers see more business during the summer. Some of the most common-place of activities could make an attorney necessary such as these.

1. Working Outdoors

Working outside in summer sets up workers to get heatstroke, falls, dehydration, and sprains. The heat is intense in summer. Employees working outdoors need to keep hydrated, work, or at least break in the shade if the shade is available, break often, and drink plenty of water, the general rule being drinking every ten to fifteen minutes.

It’s easy to fall and sustain strains, tears and sprains in summer. The sweat in your eyes added to the lightness in the head from the heat makes it all too easy to injure yourself. An attorney can help.

2. Cutting Grass

Most homeowners police their yards for toys, sticks, and stones before firing up the mower. However, what if the blades are defective? What if they sling toys, sticks, and stones at you anyway? You’re running for the phone with mangled legs or feet (always wear shoes instead of flip-flops to cut the grass,) wondering what to do next. Call your attorney; he’ll know what to do for you.

3. Barbecuing Or Grilling

Nothing beats the taste of freshly grilled food. In winter, we seek out restaurants that use grills to cook our food. In summer, we gather friends and family for a barbecue at least once a week. Grills, though, are a source of injury for young and old alike.

Tots and children under seven fall onto a hot grill or grasp it to keep from falling thus burning themselves. Adults who aren’t prepared for the gush of flame when starting the barbecue are often burned. Those whose grills are cleaned with wire brushes should know that the bristles stick to the grill. They then attach to food which causes intestinal troubles for diners.

4. Swimming Accidents

We’ve all heard stories about the kid who dove headfirst into the river and broke his neck. We’ve all heard the stories about the girl whose ring slipped off her finger. She dove down to get it but got her hand stuck on the drain and drowned. That isn’t all.

People dive off diving boards every day and literally scrape the bottom. Once they surface, they’re bloody from the scrapes. Horseplay and water games went wrong cause the need for an attorney.

If one of these pleasant summer activities turns unpleasant for you, give us a call. We’ll be there to help.