Have you ever heard of the phrase, “giving a baby up for adoption”? While there isn’t any negative connotation to it, this phrase isn’t the best way to describe the adoption process. When placing a child for adoption, you aren’t giving him or her up.

Rather, you are giving the child an opportunity for life. Despite what others may think or say, birth mothers are brave and selfless women by making the decision to give their child to a hopeful couple.

This is far from ever being anything similar to giving up. Adoption is so many things – it’s beautiful, emotional, and challenging. It isn’t a process for the faint of heart, as it will change your life forever. Here are three ways of placing your child up for adoption will change your life as a birth parent.

  1. You will be relieved of certain pressures. If you are thinking about placing a child up for adoption, life may be anything but easy for you currently. However, the adoption process is centered on the birth mother, meaning that you call the shots in this process. This will give you a sense of control despite the many unexpected twists and turns life may bring your way. Adoption also provides financial assistance for certain expenses, although it depends upon your situation and the laws of your state. With some cases, living expenses, medical expenses, transportation and even more can be covered. Adoption is always free to you as the birth mother. Not having to worry about certain expenses gives you the freedom to prepare for what life will be like after the process has been completed.
  2. You will be given a new beginning in life. There are so many different types of women who consider adoption. There are young women who become pregnant without planning to be and who may not be financially able to raise the child. There are women who don’t have the support and care of the father of the baby, which is a lot of pressure to be under. Others may be married or in loving relationships and are simply not ready for a child. No matter what the reason may be, adoption can give a new beginning to the birth mother. Knowing your baby is with a loving family and will be taken care of in ways you couldn’t provide can help you in so many ways. You can continue your education or furthering your career, to name a few.
  3. You can form an unexpected relationship. You may choose to have an open or semi-open adoption rather than closed. This means your agency can help communication stay ongoing between you and the adoptive parents. This is great for those who cannot bear the thought of a final goodbye.