Trying to adopt a child can be a long, confusing legal process. However, we are here to help you navigate through this process in order to give you the family you have been longing to have. Adoption laws vary in each state, so it’s crucial for you to be aware of which laws affect your adoption process. Here are some things we would like for you to know while trying to adopt a child.

  1. There are many aspects that are out of your control; this is normal. We understand that you may have waited a long time for this opportunity and we know how frustrating it can be to deal with waiting, legal scheduling, birth parent relationships, etc. It is important to accept a lack of control early in the process. Don’t worry about what is taking so long or causing setbacks – that is for us to handle.
  2. You are in an emotional situation. Sure, this is an emotional time for you; but it also the same for the birth parent(s). It’s possible the birth parents may change their mind once the child is born, as there is a level of instability in their lives during this time.
  3. Patience is key. Adopting a child is a lengthy process that is far from easy. You’ll need to expect a wait time in regards to finding an opportunity to adopt, receiving ICPC clearance, meeting minimum residency requirements for the child, etc. Having patience will help this process become a positive experience for you.
  4. You’ll need to read everything given to you by your attorney and agency. If you have some questions, chances are the answers are in the emails and/or mail from your adoption attorney and agency. An abundance of time and effort is put into what we send to you, so please take the time to read it and be informed.
  5. It is important to stay in communication. We cannot give you all of the help you need if you do not stay in communication with us. Make us aware of any life changes as soon as possible, including a change of address or family composition. Tell us if the birth parents have shared info with you that you feel is important for us to know. The more we know, the more we can make your adoption plan secure and stable. We don’t like surprises!