Medical Malpractice Case

We place our trust in many individuals every day. We trust the mailman to bring our mail, we trust the bus driver to get our kids to school safely, we trust restaurant staffs to prepare our meals in the proper manner…the list goes on. One of the most important relationships built upon trust is the one we form with medical professionals. There are instances, however, when that trust is broken.

Although it is scary to think about, medical malpractice is alive and well, and it can happen to anyone. Whether it is an incorrect diagnosis, the wrong dosage of medicine, an accidental incision, etc., mistakes made by medical professionals can harm us and, if dangerous enough, can also lead to death. If you or a loved one is in need of help with a medical malpractice case, here are some tips as to what you should do in order to prepare for what is to come.

1. Reach out to the medical profession and the Medical Licensing Board. Prior to filing the claim, call the doctor or professional responsible for the malpractice. In most cases, they are willing to provide medical services to correct the incident. If they are unwilling to cooperate, however, contact your local medical licensing board. They will help navigate you through what you should do next while also releasing a warning or discipline to the medical professional.

2. Find out how long you have to file the claim. Civil claims, including those involving medical malpractice, have time limits. Each state is different, so it is important for you to find out as soon as you can how long you have to file the claim after the incident occurs.

3. Acquire a certificate of merit. Some states require a certificate of merit, which determines if your medical injuries were caused by the negligence of a medical professional. In order to obtain one, you will need to contact an expert to review your medical records. Attorneys can file certificates of merit, which proves that you have spoken with an expert and your claims have merit.

4. Look into the possibility of an out-of-court settlement. These cases can be costly and time-consuming. Therefore, if you have the chance to settle the matter outside of court, take it into consideration. If you strongly feel your case could result in a large settlement, however, contact us as soon as possible and we will be more than glad to help you get the peace of mind and resolution you deserve.