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Being involved in a criminal defense trial can be a terrifying experience – and here, at Smith Ammons Howle, we understand that. We understand that you need to feel safe throughout the entire process. We understand that you need to prove your innocence. We understand that you need to feel confident in your representation. Confident that capable attorneys are representing you. People who understand the law and can utilize it to your benefit. People who are open-minded and will go the extra mile to ensure your trial goes the way you want—that your needs are not only met, but your expectations exceeded. Smith Ammons Howle - Attorneys at Law is a law firm ready to truly fight for you – for your rights, for your finances, for your life. With a collective experience of decades behind us, we are ready to apply all our knowledge and determination to guide and support you, our client, throughout your legal battle.

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Criminal defense is drastically different than any other law practice area – and if you find yourself involved in such a case, you absolutely need to work with an attorney who has actual, hands-on experience in dealing with cases like yours. You need to work with someone who knows how to proceed to make the most out of your situation. You need someone who will be relentless in fighting for your rights. You need someone who will do anything in their power to help you leave all of this behind and move on with your life. You need the best, and the best is here to fight for you. Smith Ammons Howle is here for you.

Don't Leave This To Chance

Not all lawyers have the skill to handle criminal defense cases. Sure, some may be excellent practitioners in specific areas, but none can address the unique challenges of criminal defense trials the way we do. Smith Ammons Howle has a full team of genuine specialists on board ready to search for the best solution for your particular situation. No matter the acquisitions against you, we will be there to ensure your safety and to help you navigate your trial to success. Don't leave the hiring of your criminal defense attorney in the hands of chance – hire someone who knows what they’re doing. Someone who can maximize your chances of winning! Trust in someone who has dealt with these criminal defense cases before. Bring our experience to your advantage!

Quality Attorneys at Affordable Prices

Worried that you might not be able to afford a quality, experienced criminal defense attorney at law? Here at Smiths Ammons Howle, we believe that everyone has the right to be properly represented in court, regardless of what their financial status may be. As a result, we offer our legal services at genuinely affordable prices, never compromising the integrity of your case as a result of your budget. Contact us today for a free consultation! We're here to help you move past this criminal defense trial. We're here to justly and accurately represent you!

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