What You Should Receive After a Car Accident

Car accidents are no walk through the park on a summer day. In addition to creating physical injuries and emotional stress, accidents can easily cause financial burdens upon those involved. These burdens can range from property damage to medical bills, as well as lost income due to having to stay home from work during recovery. Here is some info on what you should be compensated for after an auto accident.

  1. Lost income. Depending on how serious your injuries are, you may have to miss a few days, or even weeks, of work. Your settlement offer should include physical therapy fees, hospitalization fees, long term injury fees, and/or permanent disability fees. You will have to prove, however, that your injury was caused by the accident and has prevented you from being able to work. A letter from your employer with your salary and hours missed will be required.
  2. Medical fees. You will need to go through a full medical examination after an accident to determine if you have any injuries. A medical account of your injuries is essential for your case; otherwise, the insurance company will try to refute injuries you are suing for. Examples of common medical fees associated with auto accidents are – physical and cognitive therapy, ambulance transportation, doctor visits, medical supplies (such as crutches), permanent disability costs, at-home care services, and on-going care/treatment.
  3. Physical and emotional damage. When you’re injured and unable to work or go about your daily life, it tends to put a damper on your quality of life. This is legally defined as physical or mental distress. The amount you receive will depend upon the type of severity of your injury, as well as the level of financial distress created from the injury.
  4. Property damage. This is most commonly the cost to repair or replace your vehicle. However, it can also include the cost of property inside and on the vehicle as well.
  5. Out of pocket fees. This is a miscellaneous set of fees that are the result of the accident. This includes rental cars, taxis, and over-the-counter medical supplies. Simply put, if you purchased something you wouldn’t normally have to because of the accident, then your lawyer can include it as an out of the pocket expense.

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